Welcome to Selenite Gifts & Crystals

We stock more than 100 Crystals

  • Welcome to Gifts & Crystals

  • We are located inside the Abingdon Street market

  • More than 20 years retailing Minerals


In the year 2000 we decided we wanted to open a crystal shop, we started sourcing suppliers and making connections. In 2001, friends of ours decided to close their shop, we bought some of their remaining stock and shop fittings. Shortly after we opened our first shop.

The Little Buffalo opened on Friday Street in Minehead, Somerset.

As time went by, we traded from Markets and Psychic Fairs, eventually having a couple more shops then settling down in Blackpool.

We bought a guest house and renamed it: Selenite Guest House.

During the post-covid recovery, we had a stall on the seafront, right in front of the world famous Blackpool Tower.

We decided that we’d open our dining room as a Crystal Shop and have never looked back!

The photos are from our old shops. Long since closed. Some photos are scans of old photos, hence the poor quality.

We stock a vast selection of tumbled stones.

We stock a good selection of rough minerals, including rose quartz, amethyst druze and quartz points.

Our selection of esoteric items is divine!