General Information

One of the most common questions we get asked is what is the difference between the terms Crystal, Gem, Rock, Mineral, Stone and Ore, let us try (our best) to simplify things, as sometimes more than one term can be used to describe a particular "Stone".

A good and fairly generic term is MINERAL.... after all, a mineral is something that has been MINED (hence the name).

Although it is fair to say that it does not apply to everything. 

Some MINERALS are sedimentary ROCK that was laid down over millions (sometimes billions) of years, an example of ROCK would be Jaspers. ROCK is generally a mineral that may be considered to be a STONE.

CRYSTALS are MINERALS that formed in a CRYSTALLINE habit as a concentrated liquid dropped deposits of MINERAL rich water over millennia in the same place.

A MINERAL that is said to have a value, either due to scarceness or demand (like Diamond) can be said to be PRECIOUS and others, due to overwhelming popularity (amethyst) is said to be SEMI-PRECIOUS or a GEM STONE.

The term ORE is used to describe a MINERAL that contains a METAL in a metallic or non-metallic form. For example, Hematite is used to make Iron and subsequently Steel, where Malachite is used to extract Copper. Metallic ores usually have very strong colours.

The term TUMBLESTONE is an accurate description of how they are made. Crystals, rocks and ores can be tumble polished in large rotating drums with grit for up to a year!

Some minerals, like Calcite, react violently with acid and are dipped in acid for mere seconds to polish them, that is how calcites can have a rough shape with a very smooth and shiny surface.

Differences of opinion!

The information provided below may well be different from what you have read elsewhere, it is not to say that our information is wrong, completely correct or something else.

There are many crystal books and sites with information out there, we have compiled our information using lots of different trains of thought, using a mixture of intellect and intuition as well as decades of experience and a good measure of psychometry too! (Psychometry is the ability to communicate with inanimate objects).

We have spoken to many of our suppliers over the years, most of which are geologists and people within the scientific community, many of which have little interest in the esoteric. They have been fascinated by how the geology of each mineral can heavily influence the meaning it can have.

For example, Brecciated Jasper was once formed as regular jasper, it became brecciated (crushed up and broken) in earthquakes or some king of geological trauma and was then reformed into another type of jasper, this to us signifies the importance of accepting what others see as our greatest flaws, our imperfections. But in reality, it is the most resilient part of our personality that survives, it can signify personal strength, a person that can be seen as defiant, pacing forward against all odds and a person that yearns to be themself.

Danny has been using crystals for divination and readings for more than 20 years, it is interesting how the combination of crystals can tell a story, how to seemingly unrelated crystals can come together to say something.

Beware of fakes!

Please note, we do not sell man made stones or those that have been unduly dyed or altered... so you won't find goldstone, opalite or aura quartz on this list!

However, most commercially available Smokey Quartz and Citrine have been Irradiated (exposed to radiation, usually microwaves) or Heat Treated (quite literally, amethyst is placed in a large oven and slowly heated and cooled over a period of time) for it to change to Citrine. Natural citrine is not as bright orange as its "Baked" cousin and is also much more expensive.

Sometimes minerals are dyed to make them look more appealing, most commonly Turquenite or Howlite are dyed various shades of blue, turquoise and green. We sometimes get the odd piece in a bad of natural, which we keep to one side in case anyone asks for it.

We have also seen some shops selling totally fake minerals, such as Malachite, Lapis and Chrysocolla, these are relatively expensive, so dyed stones or even man made resin is being sold in their place. Needless to say, a fake stone is not going to do anyone any good!

Not all listed are sold, our stock levels and availability change all the time. We will try to mark those we do not have with a *

Mineral Families

The agate family also include Chalcedony & Onyx are found in many countries worldwide. They can often be identified by their beautiful banding. Agates are quite often dyed as they often naturally have grey and brown hues. Chalcedony and Onyx are almost always naturally colourful, including well known Carnelian, which used to be called Sard.

Agates are in the Quartz (silicate) family.

The feldspar family includes some of the most well known minerals including Amazonite (pronounced a-maz-onite), Moonstone & Sepheranite.

There are lots of fossils that are used as gemstones, including fossil wood and coral. Infact, we stock Turitella Agate, which is an agate filled with tiny fossils.

Did you know that Jet is the fossilised remains on a pre-historic forest of Monkeypuzzle trees? 

Metallic Ores
Although ore is not a defined family of minerals, it is worthy of mention as almost all associated metallic minerals are beautiful, from Peacock Ore to Pyrite and everything in between.

The quartz family is probably the most well known, it is also the largest group of minerals. Quartz belongs to a family that is correctly called Silicates.

Members of the quartz family include Amethyst, Citrine, Smokey & Rose Quartz.

Volcanic Quartz
The silicate family also includes a subsection that contains Apache Tear and Obsidian. Both of which started out as a variety of quartz that was heated and made molten by a volcano. When cooled, a new mineral was formed.

A to Z

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Agate, Botzwana, GreyStability, Take your time, Take small stepsRoot
Agate, Botzwana, PinkCalm down! Keep your cool.Heart
Agate, Coyaminto, Crazy LaceSee things clearly, Remove Illusion, PeaceRoot
Agate, Moss, PinkAura Protecting, Follow your instinct.Heart
Agate, TurritellaHelps in times of ChangeRoot
Agate, ZebrastoneCalming, Blend in or Stand Out!Root / Heart
AmazoniteBalancing, Hope, Go with the flowHeart / Throat
Amethyst, Banded / ChevronCalming, Peace, Balance, CreativityBrow
Amethyst, Dark, UruguayanDeep peace, Meditative StateCrown
Amethyst, Green, PrasioliteLove, Calming, Peace, BalanceHeart / CrownPrasiolite is sometimes called Amegreen
AmetrineFind the balance, Inner peaceSacral / Brow
AngeliteConnection with angelic realms, Communication, TruthThroat
Apache TearsDispeller of negativity, ProtectionRoot
ApatiteDon’t be fooled! Aura StrengtheningHeart / Throat
AquamarineBanishes Phobias, Settle down, think before you speakRoot / Heart / Throat
AragoniteGrounding, Respect for NatureSacral / Solar Plexus
Aventurine, GreenLeadership, Creativity, LoveHeart
Aventurine, PeachLead by example, TrustSacral
Aventurine, Ruby RedLead by following your instinctRoot / Sacral
BloodstoneInner Guidance, IntuitionRoot / Heart
BronziteStability, Personal Space, GrowthRoot / Sacral / Solar Plexus
Calcite, HoneyStability, Ability to attract the right peopleSacral / Solar Plexus
Calcite, ManganoSensitivity, Listen to your heartHeart
Calcite, OrangeStudying, Mental Attitude, Concentration, TeachingSacral
CarnelianConcentration, Studying, BalancingRoot / Sacral
Chalcedony, Blue (Blue Carnelian)Stabitlity, Speak from the heart, TruthHeart
CharoitePositive thinking, Put others FirstCrown
ChrysocollaSpeak from the heart. Listen to your heart.Heart / Throat
Chythia (Serpentenite)Harmony, Balance between heart and impulse, LoveRoot / HeartMineral containing Nephrite Jade and Serpentine
CitrineSelf-Esteem, Overcome FearSacral / Solar Plexus
DumortieriteReality, UnderstandingThroat
EpidoteHealing, Work with conviction.Heart
FluoriteStrength & Conviction, PurposeAll
Fossilised CoralTrust in yourself, Timeless, Trust, RespectRoot
Fossilised WoodFinancial Security, ProsperityRoot
FuschiteDon't give up, Determination, Keep the faithHeart / Throat
Garnet, OrangeLuck, Opportunity, ChanceSolar Plexus
Garnet, RedHelps fight trauma, OpportunityRoot
HematiteGrounding, Stress Relief, Will PowerRoot
HowliteSee things for what they truly are, Face ValueAll
Jadeite, aka JadeRemove illusion, Clarity, Hearts desireHeart
Jasper, BrecciatedSecond Chances, Luck, Help in times of changeRoot / All
Jasper, KambabaProtection, Keep the faith, Self-loveRoot / Heart
Jasper, LeopardskinImpulsiveness, Ability to overcome, Take it in your strideRoot
Jasper, PictureLook within, see things as they are, Speak with loveRoot, Solar Plexus
Jasper, RedImpulsiveness, Take a moment to gather your thoughtsRoot
Jasper, YellowGo with your feelings, StabilitySolar Plexus
JetFollow your instinct, Trust your abilityRoot
KyaniteEnergising, “Personal Magic!” Follow your dreamsThroat
LabradoriteProtects Aura, Spirituality, UnderstandingThroat / Brow / Crown
Lapis LazuliCommunication, Listening, Truth, WisdomThroat
LepidoliteAura Cleansing, Clear thinkingBrow / Crown
Magnesite, IvoryOverthinking, DecisivenessAll
MalachiteTransformation, Matters of love and the heartHeart
MoldaviteLetting go, Moving On, Inner Vision* See Note
MookiteStability, Acceptance, Be yourselfDepends on colour
MoonstoneBalances Emotions, UpliftingHeart / All
Moonstone, RainbowSee things from new perspective, DreamsHeart / All
MorganiteAppreciation, Don't take things for grantedHeart
Nephrite, aka JadeFollow the heart, Soothes impulsivenessHeart
Obsidian, BlackProtection, Creativity, Dispels NegativityRoot
Obsidian, MahoganySuccess, Stability, Slowly does itRoot
Obsidian, SnowflakeProtection, Purity, Dispels NegativityRoot
Onyx, WhiteThink clearly before making a decisionAll
Opal, GreenLove, Intuition, Listen to your heart.Heart
Opal, PinkListen to your heart, Grounds the heart chakraHeart
Pietersite, GoldenSee the bigger picture, Be true to yourselfRoot / Solar Plexus
PrehniteTrue love, self-esteem, Self-loveHeart
PyriteKeep focus and perspective, Get the job done!Root
Quartz, ClearHealing, Balance, HarmonyAll
Quartz, Milky/WhiteHealing, Balance, Harmony, Clear the way, Tread CarefullyAll
Quartz, RoseUnconditional Love, Calm, FocusHeart
Quartz, RutilatedWork with angels, Keep Focus, ConcentrationAll
Quartz, SmokeyFocus on now, Personal Drive, Grounding, Calm downRoot
Quartz, StrawberryBalance, Harmony, Dare to be differentHeart
Quartz, with TourmalineBrings grounding to other chakras, Balance, PerspectiveRoot / All
Ruby-ZoisiteImpulsiveness, Desire, Self-love, Clarity, StabilityRoot / Heart
SardonyxBalancing, Uplifting, Be differentRoot / Heart
SeleniteCleansing, Purification, Strong Foundations & Fresh StartsAll
Serpentine, PeruvianBalancing the heart, HarmonyHeart
Shattuckite"It's not what you say, it's the way that you say it!"Heart / Throat
Shiva LinghamFocus on the little things in life, HarmonyAll
SodaliteCalms the Mind, CommunicationThroat
SugaliteActivator, Overcome Psychic AttacksCrown
TektiteThink Big, Overcome, Put others first, “Far Out!”* See Note
Tiger IronStability, Trust in yourself. GroundingRoot
Tiger’s Eye, GreenConfidence in matters of the heartRoot / Heart
Tiger's Eye, BlueConfidence in what you say, CommunicationRoot / Throat
Tiger's Eye, GoldCourage, Confidence in what you doRoot / Solar Plexus
Tiger's Eye, RedCourage, Trust your instincts.Root
Tourmaline, BlackUnderstanding, ProtectionRoot
UnakiteTogetherness, UnderstandingHeart
ZoisiteStability, Trust your heartRootZoisite often contains flecks of ruby, Ruby-Zoisite is listed seperately
Not all shown are stocked

* Moldavite & Tektite are not recommended for chakra balancing. They contain extra-terrestrial energy that can make some people disorientated or feel unwell. It is true that some people work with well with them. We have had experience of how these are not suitable for use on any chakra.